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Why Lord? Genesis 37-42

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

This is a prophetic comparison on the lives of Jacob and his sons, Yeshua and his disciples and the word of the Lord. Genesis 37

Do you ever wonder about the plans and promises God made to you? Perhaps you are one who bears the burden of the word of the Lord? So many things don't seem to work out the way we had hoped. Jacob is settled back in Canaan with his family and he has peace with his brother Esau. His son Joseph is the anointed one among his sons and life is good. Things are looking up. But this kind of idyllic life is not for the man that bears the weight of the word of the Lord.

The sons of Jacob are all competing for position so they hate Joseph, their younger brother because of the favor he has. Genesis 37:4 states that they could't speak a word that brought shalom to him. There was no harmony. The absence of love is hate. Love is an act done in shalom. Hate is an action taken or word spoken in self-interest.

Now Joseph dreams a dream from heaven. Then he dreams another dream. The word of the Lord is fresh, it is new and exciting. But he shares the word with his brothers. They are jealous and deeply envious. These are the twelve patriarchs of Israel! Not even his father can receive such a word so easily. NO ONE UNDERSTOOD, INCLUDING JOSEPH. Soon his brothers demonstrate their character by actually selling their own brother into slavery! Why Lord? God's own people persecute the true prophets. He loves them still and expects them to repent. We know that later they did.

As soon as good comes in Potiphar's service, he's in jail! Why Lord? Psalm 105:17 says "and he sent a man before them, Joseph, sold as a slave." Why Lord? The word of the Lord tested him. Will it be love or self-interest when the word of the Lord tests you?

The disciples of Yeshua were also seeking to find their place. Weren't they working the works of the Master after he sent them out in Matthew 10:1 ... "he gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness." And then the seventy, Lu. 10:1 "he sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and village where he was about to go." Soon they were arguing the about who was considered the greatest... Luke 22:24-30 He challenged them to the highest calling of all. The greatest of you shall be your servant. Yeshua didn't rebuke them but prophesied a glorious future for them in the time of King Yeshua. v. 31 Addressing Simon but speaking to all he said Satan has asked to sift them like wheat..." when you have turned back..." surely not us Lord, never will we... WHY LORD? Like Yeshua and Joseph before him, they would "learn obedience from the things that they suffered." Heb. 5:8 So, "when you turn back, strengthen you brothers." Lu. 22:31

Why Lord? Yeshua was Messiah ben Joseph ... the suffering Messiah who went before us. No one wants to suffer, but let's allow the testing of our faith have its perfect work in us, endurance. James 1:3-4. We're going to need it! Yeshua said it... "he who endures to the end, he (is the one who) will be saved." Matthew 24:13

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