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The Oil of Jehu

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

The Vision of the Spirit and Power of Elijah in the Last Days by John Glueck

This is a brief synopsis of the revelation of the rise of last day prophets and apostles to finish an aspect of the great work of preparing the Bride before the return of Messiah Yeshua. One great challenge is to overcome the Harlot spirit even as the prophets of old overcame Jezebel and her offspring. The number one enemy of mankind in modern western society is the power behind the loss of male authority, the rejection of marriage and the breakup of the family. This power is the primary cause of the loss of effective male leadership among God’s people and the passivity so common today.

Just as ancient Israel progressed through periods of wonderful restoration and appalling decline leading up to the time of Messiah Yeshua, so we follow the pattern today. God is full restoring his covenant promises, restoring all things while the majority pursue the grievous idolatry of modern western culture. The Lord God of Israel is making ready a bride for Messiah that will reign with him for 1000 years culminating in a great fiery judgment and a “New Earth”.

The story begins with David, Solomon and his grandson, Rehoboam. The vision ends with the death of Jezebel, her prophets, and her descendants. Afterwards, the people of God do continue their apostasy but this powerful force is subdued!

While we cannot cover the details of the many subjects related to our present journey in a short message, I will seek to give it an outline so that we can proceed to fill them in later in the form of teaching and impartation.

  1. The story of David and his descendants is a sad decline from a people devoted to the purposes of God into pride and idolatry. By the time his grandson Rehoboam begins to reign over the people, the kingdom becomes divided into two nations, Judah and Israel. Jeroboam I becomes king over Israel and reinstitutes the worship of the golden calves, false priesthood and feasts that lead to harsh judgments and exile! I Kings 1-16…In the last days, God has granted successive outpourings of the Spirit resulting in wonderful restoration of truth and shocking abuses of the same truth. The restoration is marked by a believing Jewish remnant and newly empowered believers from every stream of the faith.

  2. Both nations continue to decline and finally, at the end of first Kings 16, a king named Ahab becomes husband to a pagan princess, Jezebel, daughter of Etbaal, king of the Sidonians. The area of Tyre and Sidon are the seat of satanic power that enthrones witchcraft, the generic name of all power that supports idolatry. (wealth, luxury, entertainment, music and drugs, a culture like today). Tragically, child sacrifice [Baal, Molech etc] was normal, the equivalent of murder by abortion today. That power makes slaves of men and women, hates the servants of God, and murders the apostles and prophets.

  3. As knowledge and materialism increased, it was led by the nations that had been privileged with the knowledge of Yeshua (Jesus). Even as a remnant faithfully successfully took the responsibility of sharing the new covenant message with our world, an ever increasing population of people arose that despise and reject the Messiah. Out of these nations known as Christendom, a culture emerged that glorified sexual immorality, violence and lawlessness. We are worshipping the God of Israel and the false gods at the same time, just as ancient Israel.

  4. I Kings 16. Elijah enters the scene and God begins judgment on Ahab, Jezebel and the prophets gathered around Jezebel in the famous sacrifice at Mt. Carmel. The prophets of Baal are destroyed, but Jezebel and Ahab live on. Elijah is the greatest prophet in dealing with the breakdown of the godly way of life through satanic idolatry. This is the lesson of Elijah, don’t give up when everything doesn’t turn out exactly as you thought it would. God did not take down the wicked Ahab and Jezebel immediately. The Lord speaks at Mt Horeb; anoint Elisha, Hazael and Jehu. Immediately Elijah goes and seeks out Elisha who follows him. First Kings 17-19. As new generation of God’s choice is born today, like the Prophet John (the Baptist), they come in the spirit and power of Elijah.

  5. Some years pass and nothing is done about Hazael or Jehu.The nations of Judah and Israel are in gross idolatry but there is revival in the land! Miracles are occurring and increasing, the sons of the prophets are in the land. This is where we are today. Elijah is taken up into heaven and a double portion goes upon Elisha. Second Kings 2. The Christian world is in steep decline but the process of making ready the Bride for the coming of Messiah has begun!

  6. Miracles greatly increase through the life of the Elisha. This is the next generation anointing we are called to release. Second Kings 2-8. This phase is just beginning.

  7. Hazael becomes King over Aram but not by anointing, by murder. 2 Kings eight. God’s word to man will prevail in the midst of corruption.

  8. Jehu becomes King over Israel by the word of the Lord through a young servant of the prophet who anoints him with oil! Second Kings 9.

  9. Jehu destroys Jezebel, the prophets of Baal and all of the descendants of Ahab. Second Kings 9-10. This took 28 years!**

  10. 2 Kings 11. Athaliah, the evil “heiress of Jezebel” and sister-in-law is killed by the righteous priesthood before she can destroy the righteous kingly seed.

Fast forward to my generation. In 1979, at a family conference in the United States held by our congregation in the Jesus Movement days, there was a great prophecy given by a young man I know. It concerned our generation and the future of our ministries as well as the ministry of our primary spiritual father, Derek Prince, who was teaching for us that weekend.

The prophecy said "I'm making all-out war on witchcraft because it has millions of men bound that I wish to use in my end time army. You will encounter people who have been under curses that have continued for many generations have no fear, I will teach you how to release them.”

Witchcraft (as well as idolatry) in the Brit Hadasha (NT) is described in Galatians 5:20 as a work of the flesh. The religion of fallen man is witchcraft and idolatry. It can be defined as seeking to influence others to obtain one’s own desire.

Many believers need to know that it is not okay to seek to pressure anyone to obtain an outcome desired. So those who practice this do so from selfish motivations to control people, situations, their families and so much more. The practice descends from there to include every kind of trick or device. This is manipulation. The use of manipulation to control others is witchcraft.

Jacob (James 3:15) say that “this wisdom does not come from above but is earthly. soulish (that which comes from the soul) and (finally) demonic. Many people, including so-called prophets, have more than one spirit. They acquired a familiar spirit which is not of God along their journey. People who attempt to get their own way by seeking to influence others are in danger of being empowered by demons. Prophecy, declaration, and prayer must be God-breathed and according to Scripture as well… Proverbs 28:9. Be holy as I am holy!

Derek continued with this ministry and was successful in unlocking much deliverance for many people as well as pioneering the ministry of freeing people from curses during the next 20 years. He went to glory in 2004.

However, this advanced spiritual warfare did not take place on a broad scale nor did it go deep enough for most men (and their wives) to be delivered from the power of witchcraft. We must learn to communicate in love to discern God’s will and especially to be in agreement in prayer.

In the change of the generations and the transfer of authority in ministries, lets not repeat the same sins of the past. Let’s take time to raise up a new generation of leaders, many not like ourselves who can do a great work! Like Elijah, let’s wait on the Lord until he initiates his plan. Like Elijah, we must not give up but anoint Elisha to be “prophet in our place”, the one chosen by God.

The toleration of sexual immorality, materialism and every kind of gross idolatry has taken over the cultures of the West. In Revelation 17, we see a power personified by a woman seated on the throne of apostate Christendom. This woman is the global power that dominates the culture of the West and the church that was once faithful to Yeshua. What power does she represent?

We have not been able to set the millions of men free that God wishes to use in His end-time Army. Just as in the story of Judah and Israel it has taken many years to come to this place. But now is the time for the release of the power to set them free.

The oil of Jehu is the power that is being released on you, the young apostles and prophets, faithful sons and daughters, all who call on the name of the Lord. The ones who will follow to finish the work of building the body of Messiah. The spirit and power of Elijah will surely fulfill the prophecy of reuniting millions of families saved and under proper headship, sanctified fathers and mothers.

This is the power released in the oil that anointed Jehu!

Let's be faithful to walk in the way of the Lord and bring judgment on the Harlot (Rev. 17), so we can stand against the power of the Beast to come! This will require that, in all humility, we fearlessly remove the precious from the vile [Jeremiah] and proclaim release to complete restoration in Messiah, healing and driving out demons in leaders, families and those coming into the kingdom.

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