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GOD IS FAITHFUL, Unintended Consequences


Genesis 32-36

If you have lived long enough to taste the excitement and satisfaction of success as well as the emptiness of defeat, you know that your life will not unfold like a neatly planned series of events. Are you in a difficult place? Perhaps your circumstances seem so bad, the pressures so difficult that you just have no answers? One situation seems to follow another until you are ready to give up? You are now a candidate for the intervention of God.

Jacob is a great example of the man who had the possibility of good success in every area of his life. His grandfather had made possible an inheritance in a new land and he was a second generation native born to prosperity.

God was with him since he was a boy, and he appeared to him, an encounter that changed his life forever. Despite his past mistakes, he overcame time and again. Having competing wives and learning the business from his father-in-law, he once again found himself in a hard situation. How would he provide for his family? God gave him a business plan that even Laban couldn't compromise! Yes, I finally have it together! Nobody

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