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Advancing the Kingdom: Hearing the Voice of the Spirit


Believers in Yeshua are called out of the world and into the kingdom of God to rule on his behalf. There is not one in a thousand who could have answered that question in this way.

This sounds so exciting. Why then don't God's people enter into this life of advancing the kingdom? How can we be restored to the knowledge and power required to finish the work in this age. This series of talks will examine the reasons and offer a challenge to all who have ears to hear.

The most important part of our lives, personally and corporately is our friendship with God. No one would dispute that. My observation is that we spend time with the people and things we value the most. Wouldn't you agree? None of us would dispute the fact that Yeshua has asked for first place in our lives. Isn't that what Lord means? Lord means "Lord of life or the one to whom a person belongs." How well do I really know Yeshua? Let's define prayer as "seeking God and his kingdom first, right relationship with God and man, and all these things, the things we need will be added to us." amplified Mt.6:33. We should offer thanks, our (bodies Rom. 12:1-2) in confession, praise and enter worship (Holy Place). At this time Yeshua will come or bid us to come forward behind the curtain (Most Holy Place) where we are received in the court of the King. Yeshua is our High Priest.

How is it that we don't spend the time required, no matter how long, to learn to know his voice after perceiving his presence? The results are wonderful. Time is a serious issue and the Lord knows just how much time you have to spend before work, raising children and other obligations. The reality is that studies in recent decades show that neither our leaders or God's people take the time every day that is required for intimacy with Yeshua. The quality of our relationship depends on taking all the time needed to listen to the voice of the Spirit, taking the Lord's instructions to heart and acting on them! The key to answered prayer and every blessing written in Scripture is to hear God's voice and do!

Most people thrive on the dramatic, but the Holy Spirit is a person, He is God who demands our complete attention. The truth is that modern media has trained people to expect their senses to be impacted, often intensely. Music, sound, action, visuals, the unexpected, all that creates emotional intensity can dull the human spirit. One basic truth almost forgotten in our modern world is that the Spirit is described as having the "dove nature". But like Elijah re-discovered (I Kings 19:11-12) when he went back to the mountain of the Lord where he had experienced God many times before, it was the still or gentle voice (Hebrew: d'mama, like a whisper), it was the small voice (Hebrew: dak, almost imperceptible, faint) that was most important after all.

So over time we learn to hear the voice of God and act on his word. Out of listening comes revelation for us. Pray then, at that time and learn to let the Lord read the Bible with you. All of us should learn read Scripture with the Spirit guiding us into all his truth. What a difference it makes to us when the Author reads with us and teaches us. (John 16:13-16)

What is truly required to hear God's voice? Those who have learned by seeking God in prayer know that we must quiet our spirit and listen. It is the skill of learning to wait on God and develop a hearing ear. Waiting for God and on God, knowing his presence and direction will bring the greatest treasure, intimacy with Yeshua. This is the highest privilege for all believers, fellowship with Messiah Yeshua. When we can regularly enjoy his friendship, we can practice the presence of God in every area of our lives.

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